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November 12, 2009

Big Things Are Happening

First of all, we now have three administrators for this super inspiring blog! Dani and Elizabeth have offered their time a few days out of the week to help out. We'll be sharing in the responsibility of hunting for photos, posting and choosing the featured post winners each week. We still have a few details to smooth out but wanted to share the good news with you all.

Secondly, this is a new feature to most of the writing blogs around; at the sidebar, you will find a place to share your vote with each daily post and all of the contributions. If you'd like to be a voice, encouraging the words from another, pop in on any one of the week's posts - read them over and vote for the one that stands out in your heart.

One more thing before I go; we are hoping to have a few more photographers that may be willing to share their work with us. If anyone is interested and would allow us to sift through photos on their blog, please let us know. All work remains your own and will be linked directly to your profile.

Oh, and one more neat detail to share - if you take a look to the right, you'll see a listing of the latest ten posts. You can peek in here to easily see who has won the featured post each week and then click on that day directly to read more.

Also, if anyone has suggestions for us, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know.

We're very encouraged with the progress of contributions already forming. Thank you's to all :)


iLikeToWrite said...

I'd be happy to let you use pictures from my photography blog =]

Here it is if you wanna take a look: http://iliketowritesphotography.blogspot.com/

Hope you like it! :)

De Lly Dilettante said...

Great changes! I don't mind sharing photos.

Heather said...

Thank you both, so very much!! I will link to your profiles underneath the list of photographers who are sharing here :)

Thank you - thank you. Yes, I repeat my gratitude when I'm excited.

septembermom said...

I'll send a note to some of my blogging photography buddies. I bet they would be interested!

Anonymous said...

Hi, what a great idea! I would be happy to share some of my photos...here is a link so you can take a look! http://barbedwireandroses.blogspot.com/

Michelle said...

I am one of the bloggers that Septembermom contacted!

I'm just an amateur photographer with a 365 picture a day blog: http://2009pictureadayproject.blogspot.com/

My other blog: http://michelle-onecraftymama.blogspot.com/

I'd be happy to share if you find something you would be interested in. I could even search my tons of photo's if you are looking for anything specific.


Heather said...

aspen and Michelle - thank you so much for offering your photos - we'll be over to visit soon :)

Anonymous said...

Heather, thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for the compliment on my photos. That will be fine if you would like to use any of my photos from my blog. I would be flattered! Thanks again!