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November 6, 2009

Fridays Poetry: Featured Post Winner

Congratulations to DawnTreader for her winning contribution (tanka = 5+7+5+7+7 = 31 syllables):

Straight and narrow track
going on and on and on.
towards journey's end.
Another view will open,
widening the horizon.

I am glad that Dani and Elizabeth will be helping me out beginning next week. Choosing the winner's is SO hard for me to do - you are all so talented, touching my heart! I really enjoyed this day's contributions!

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De Lly Dilettante said...

There is so much feeling...

Sweet hay and factory fodder,
Posh buffet and tin solder,
Pretty perfumes lingering nice,
Rancid cheese abiding mice,
Freshly pressed handkerchiefs in the wind,
Broken hearts deep within,
Lively laughter, ever after,
Angry tears, hidden fears,
Blistering sun and burning heat,
Frigid winters, heavy wheat,
Every teardrop, every whisker,
Every word, every whisper,
Screaming whistles, screeching brakes,
Burning metal, lives at stake,
Rolling weights upon my back,
There is so much feeling, says I the track.

DawnTreader said...

Straight and narrow track
going on and on and on.
towards journey's end.
Another view will open,
widening the horizon.

(tanka = 5+7+5+7+7 = 31 syllables)

morganna said...

Waiting for the train
Gonna carry me away from here.
I'm heading to the big city,
Goodbye to the farm!

No more up at dawn
Milking cows, feeding horses, plowing fields
No more cries of 'Lazy!' I'm gone!
Goodbye to the farm!

I'll make some money,
An' you'll see me once more -- long enough
To admire my new suit an' car,
Then I'm gone again.

Here comes the train down
The tracks. I hear the wheels, the whistle, brakes
Squealin'. All aboard! Here I go!
Goodbye to the farm!

Dani said...

i move slowly
toe to heel to toe
arms outstretched
i balance
on the rail below

wooden panels
leaves in cracks
trees are tossing low
then a sudden
shutter and buzz
and a whistle blow

hop to the side
wind rushes by
rocks crack, wood creaks

again i obtain
my slow steady pace
toe heel toe heel toe

christine said...

Man loves straight lines.
Rails for trains, straight as arrows,
Telegraph poles, tall giants
Carrying messages on straight wires.

Nature loves curves.
Gently billowing clouds,
Puffs of vapour.
Shapely trees, mounds of leaves on twisted stems;

Leaves tumbling to the tracks;
Rusty leaves meet rusty rails.

Nature's fragile beauty fades,
Yet it's strong enough to conquer.

'Trains delayed. Wrong sort of leaves on the track!'

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