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December 11, 2009

Fridays Poetry

These were so hard to narrow down
but I think I've chosen Sarah as this posts winner today.
Her words just felt as though they were dancing....

Amber light of yellow glows,
Autumn fades and winter grows.

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De Lly Dilettante said...

As gentle rays of warmth and gold,
Dance upon leaves that have turned old,
A silent symphony begins to play,
Revealing beauty along the way.

morganna said...

The cold season comes
Leaves are a-changing
Green becomes yellow,
Orange, red.

The air turns chill
And the lawn crisp
Frost gleams in
Early morning.

Apples and pumpkins ripen
Promising good food in
The snowy months
A-coming soon.

Scriptor Senex said...

There was a young leaf on a Beech,
The palest green you could reach;
In Autumn it changed;
Through the palette it ranged;
As the colours from it did leach.

Simply Heather said...

The black surrounded her
but it didn't have it's effect.
She found the strength from within
the vine as she flexed each leaf.

Unfolding with faith
she allowed the beauty of light to
caress her veins and shine through
illuminating the darkness.

She is free.
And the dark is no more.

septembermom said...

With fairy ease
the light leaps
over and above
the leaf of gold
inviting a pause
to feel the wonder.

Dani said...

First it is born
fresh and green
and it gets larger
and it gets brighter
and it sucks in moisture, life, and sunshine

It is damp, cool
under the sun's rays
and it's happy
and it's hopeful
and its purpose glows from within

Until the air around it grows colder than itself
and the light dims-

Every day is
dimmer than the last
and its colors fade
and its purpose weakens
and it thins, dries up, and shrivels

Fate takes hold
to pull it away
and it floats absently
and it takes a whole new journey
and it glints with another kind of hope-

Seasons pass
and lives end

every once in a while

such is the life
of the leaf

Sarah said...

Amber light of yellow glows,
Autumn fades and winter grows.