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December 23, 2009

Wednesdays Ten: Featured Post Winner

Congratulations to Dani for the winning post.

My five-point star of silver glimmers from heart and home.

Visit Wood and Pixels Narrative to see more of Dan's inspiring photos.


septembermom said...

Twenty something girl laughed as she climbed her childhood tree.

Kate said...

Living on a hill brings great responsibility. I am ready.

Dani said...

My five-point star of silver glimmers from heart and home.

Chef E said...
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Chef E said...

Magic filled her heart as she stepped from the woods and beheld her grandmothers home.

What seemed like such a dreary day, full of dark grew clouds; the whispers of miserly strangers, and her parents constant nagging echoing presence just seem to lift away.

The lights of autumn color danced about the trees, their leaves, and made her destination illuminate a welcoming sparkle. She could see that this was the right decision to run from the city, and visit the country home...