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April 9, 2010

Fridays Poetry: Featured Post Winner

Congratulations Sarah on your winning contribution!

Ancient mists rise and grow,
as evening lanterns begin to glow.
Quiet feet on journeys long,
make their way into sunsets song.

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Dina said...

The morning fog lifts
Down the bridge we make our way
Today will we will laugh.

Dina said...

ugh, just saw the extra, random "will" in there! Sorry my haiku editing was not so finely honed today!

"Today we will laugh"

Emily Ann Benedict said...

Wow, beautiful pictures. It almost looks like a painting.
Don't worry, sometimes typos are quite endearing. ;)

The Write Girl said...

Fog lifts
A bridge appears
Curious eyes
And feet
Waltzing onward.

Don said...

On the edge

I could risk looking over the edge,
but not sitting on it.

"Jump and a net will appear."
Yeah, right!

Sarah said...

Ancient mists rise and grow,
as evening lanters begin to glow.
Quiet feet on journys long,
make their way into sunsets song.

Dani said...

Minus the lanterns, this bridge looks like the last scene from Anne of Avonlea when she finally accepts Gilbert's hand! Sighs! ....of course that's what I think of...