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April 1, 2010

Thursdays The

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septembermom said...

The night was full of easy laughter and memorable songs. Everyone loved sharing scrumptious goodies at the family style meal. It felt like a regular Saturday night with everyone around the table telling jokes and sharing stories. Little Abby knew that something special was going to happen on that Sunday. She kept her little Easter bunny nearby to remind her about her favorite holiday. Dressed in her finest dress, Abby couldn't wait to walk into church and sing the loudest in her pew. Everyone was always shining at Easter. Abby loved to see all the pretty dresses and beautiful flowers. She knew that it was a special day. As she looked at her little bunny perched on the restaurant table, she asked, "Daddy, I think it really should be Easter every day. I just love it!"

Don said...

The Magical Band

Two boys,
two girls?
and my wife.

I had my water.
She had her beer.

I had my pen and paper.
She had her beer.

I had my live music.
She had a date.

She had to tinkle.
I had to smile.

I didn't realize that
the band had magic.

She wondered where I went,
and where the bunny came from.

Dani said...

The dream was this: they would become stars. It wasn't a "someday" thing, it wasn't even a "goal". It just was. They would become stars.

Sitting in her best friends basement, their voices harmonized with each other as the melody danced and bounced along the walls. Their keyboard player and drummer accenting each note in what they felt was perfection. This was their favorite thing to do in the afternoons. They would gather together for some Fuji waters and drink sparkling cider from long-stemmed glasses like they were already successes. Then, after their homework was scribbled down and finished, it was to the microphones and sound equipment.

Their parents didn't mind as long as they were clean. They always got their homework done, so what's the problem.

"Benjamin!" came the shrill voice of his mother from upstairs, bringing their magic to a stand-still. "Can you turn it down a notch? Please?!"

The group of teens exchanged exasperated glances for an instant and then Ben's finger slid ever so slightly on the volume wheel of the sub-woofer. Their song continued.

How come those old fogies couldn't recognize a masterpiece when they heard it? Heavy metal rocks!