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June 9, 2010

Thursdays The: Featured Post Winner

Congratulations Dani on your winning contribution.

The character of the little house was grand. She stepped inside its doors and smelled the musky dust and memories. She felt the surface of the worn walls from so many other fingers and imagined other little feet running up and down the now empty halls. Her rooms spoke to her through her heart and she knew of the beauties they had once held and the beauties the wished to hold once more. Her own memories of this place were very dim and had no hold on her without her grandmother's furniture. Yet the scents and sounds still felt familiar somehow, although the hallway seemed shorter now and the rooms smaller. It felt cold and bare within since it had been stripped of love and life. Her heart ached for the memories to return, for the little house to be the home it once was. After one last long look at the inside of the house, she locked the door for the last time and walking away, the little sign at the front swung slightly in the wind. For Sale.

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