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June 24, 2010

Thursdays The: Featured Post Winner

Congratulations Dani on the winning contribution.

The day wasn't unlike any other day for me, but it was still today, so I wanted to make it unique. I watched all the people in front of me as they watched me, trying their best to mimic the motions I made. One woman didn't seem to have the ability to raise her arms up past the height of her shoulders, while the older gentlemen directly in front of me seemed to have more energy than even the younger ones around us and that woman on my right moved like a ballerina. I felt like doing physical movements with people made me get to know them on a deeper level than even if I were to sit across one of them in a coffee shop. Some of them moved as though they felt all eyes were upon them and they didn't want to humiliate themselves. Some of them moved like they felt the same way yet wanted to show everyone how wonderfully fit they were. Then there were those who I liked to watch most. The ones that seemed to be here just to have fun. They didn't seem to care who saw them fall down if they did. This is why I do what I do. I want to help people to gain confidence in themselves enough to do whatever they loved just because they loved it.

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