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July 1, 2010

Thursdays The: Featured Post Winner

Thank you Dani for this wonderful contribution and beautiful photo!

The day she was to meet me, I sat alone and waited. I waited longer then was necessary for me to know she wouldn't come. It was our place and I didn't want to be anywhere else anyway. I'm sure she had a good excuse. I just contented myself among the happy glowing faces that surrounded me and started to notice every little detail. The puffy clouds slowly traveled along in the blue sky and I imagined a race going on between that fat one and its more slender counterpart. The daisies nodded their heads above me as I laid on my back in the green. Would she ever come? Their little yellow faces surrounded by white seemed to nod in agreement. Their friendly voices whispered in the breeze and I thought for a moment that I understood why she's always liked them so much. I watched as the puffy fat cotton withered slowly away next to his slender partner and they didn't seem to be racing anymore. They came closer as if to embrace and I longed for an embrace like that one. I glanced at my watch again and knew she wouldn't be coming this late. Oh well, I guess. It's been a nice afternoon spent alone this time.

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