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July 15, 2010

Thursdays The: Featured Post Winner

Thank you Dani for your contribution.
I would like to hang out with Charlie too!

The day was a beautiful one and there was nothing like getting away to the beach for awhile. Charlie always made the world look so much simpler and more enjoyable when I brought him along. He splashed in the water without any worries, just enjoying its coolness. I sat on a towel to watch at first, no intention of getting wet, but watching him made me suddenly wish I'd brought my swimming suit along. The water gripped to his fur as though it hoped to hitch a ride somewhere. Then as he came dripping back over to me, I knew where its ride would lead. As he shook, I closed my eyes a moment and the cool drops of fur-soaked water hit me like a cold shower. I ruffled his wet fur and then proposed a race and we ran together then for another dip.

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