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July 22, 2010

Thursdays The: Featured Post Winner

Thank you Dani for your terrific contribution.

The little road was located at almost the very top of the hill and to the right, the ground dropped down quickly amongst thick green grass and pine trees. I stood next to the pretty little fence and breathed in the mountain air. The sky was beautiful today, blue with floating puffs of white slowly creeping across it. It felt so free up here somehow. I was so far away from the office. I was far away from everything and they seemed to be far away and long ago, even completely insignificant, although I had been at my desk just yesterday in my business skirt, shuffling papers and talking on the phone. I couldn't believe it had just been yesterday. Now I stand here in jeans and a t-shirt, one booted foot wedged up on a wooden fence near the smell of pine and fresh air. The breeze made my hair tickle my cheek and I wished I'd never have to return to the office. I knew I had to, but I would definitely be doing this kind of thing more often from now on.

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