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August 3, 2010

Tuesdays Tale: Featured Post Winner

Congratulations, bel, on your winning contribution.

She couldn't believe there was school today. Didn't adults ever look around and think, "What a beautiful day. Who wants to be inside? Let's cancel school and spend the day taking in the beautiful snow-coated trees." And whose idea was it to equip the buses with whatever tires were required to drive in 4 inches of snow? That guy needed a life. As soon as the bus came chugging around the corner, the trees would tremble and all the beauty would be rattled to the ground where it would turn ash-colored and sad. And why couldn't it have snowed for another couple of hours, anyway? An hour or 2 delay, at least, in the beginning of school. That would give her a little more time to finish writing the paper she had been certain last night that she wouldn't have to hand in today. Stupid NOT-snowday.

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