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December 22, 2010

Wednesdays Ten: Featured Post Winner

For Wednesdays Ten, we try to use only 10 words in our writing about the photograph. I thought that this was an interesting, scrumptious looking photograph for this week.

Congratulations Susan on the winning contribution! Thanks to everyone for their wonderful submissions. It was a fun and delicious picture for inspiration!

Against all odds, life spills forth, gaining strength amid decay.

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He & Me + 3 said...

I may not use 10 words about this picture...but YUM! I love tomatoes and that one looks like a prize delicious one!

Doreen said...

Red Plump and Juicy!
No - not my belly silly -

Paul C said...

Tomato is the crown prince or princess in my salad.

Learn, Laugh, Cook said...

"Why can't I be fried, green and featured on film?"




Susan Fobes said...

I love letting the words flow Kelly... How about this:

Against all odds, life spills forth, gaining strength amid decay.

Michelle said...

I miss the days when tomatoes were in season. *sigh* Another seven months or so, right?

izzy said...

Plump and fresh
red, ripening and shiny,
ready for eating!

(Be Merry-)

glnroz said...

Count; one, two, three, four, I am still here-tomatoes.

Ok, well so, my imagination was shallow today,, :)

bel said...

Oh! Quick! Pick it now before the squirrel takes it!

aynzan said...

Even the christmas tree is going organic..with tomato decorations.