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January 20, 2011

Thursdays Haiku: Featured Post Winner

Congratulations Kim on the winning haiku!! You did great :)

Slowly the sun's rays
divided the mass and they
rejoiced it would end.

Happy Thursday! I am very happy to welcome today's photographer, Ryan over at ArborView, to Write With Pictures. I love the surreal, magical quality of this photograph. Please take a moment to visit ArborView and see more of Ryan's amazing photography.


Curly-T said...

I'm not really a haiku writer, but here's my shot at it:

While pretty ice hangs
And trees stand bare, grey and cold
I dream of warm spring

raji said...

HI ,NEW HERE,BUT STILL THOUGHTS ARE NOT TIME BOUND.So here's my take"Here I stand bare and everything around me is frozen for the moment ;but spring is not far behind and then I am going to charm up and so are things around me going to melt away!

Margaret Bednar said...

Skeletons cavort
Wind frisks, crystal fingers cling
Mid-winter's frolic

I loved the frigid photo. Thanks, Ryan!

H.K. said...

Here's to trying to exercise my brain:

Long clear icicles
Hanging from the bare Evergreen
are called winters kiss

H.K. said...

Forgot to mention that I love the photo!

Susan Fobes said...

Okay, Kelly, how about this:

Freezing water shapes
Relics from winter’s last storm
-Nature cries for spring

(And so do I-LOL!)

Kim said...

Slowly the suns rays divided the mass and they rejoiced it would end.

Kelly, only for you would I try to write poetry!

The Write Girl said...

Icicle at night
Shimmer in brilliant moonlight
Stretching winter roots