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January 13, 2011

Thursdays Haiku: Featured Post Winner

Is there a haiku to take us to another time/another world?

Congratulations morganna on the winning contribution!

Clouds gather over the
Cathedral -- will baptism
By rain follow Mass?

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morganna said...

Clouds gather over the
Cathedral -- will baptism
By rain follow Mass?

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Judy Croome said...

Morganna, that's an excellent submission.

Here's my attempt:

Pillars of the ages,
Unbreakable as the heart
of faith, still stand tall.

I'm not sure it I got the syllable count right? Is "ages" one syllable or two?

Judy (South Africa)

Susan Fobes said...

Hmm... This one took some time but here goes:

Pillars of power
Facing the storm clouds head on
She must stand alone!