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January 25, 2011

Tuesdays Tunes: Featured Post Winner

Let's pretend that this picture is an album cover (remember those days when we collected albums?), and I invite you to think of a song title to go along with the picture. Are you ready to play along and be a songwriter for a minute or two? Album titles are welcome too :)

Let's Rock Along With Susan
and her winning album and song entries:

Album: Carnival Games
Song: Chances

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Judy Croome said...

ALBUM TITLE: "In the Year 99"

ARTIST: The Blowfish

Judy (South Africa)

Susan Fobes said...

How about:
Album: Carnival Games

Song: Chances

The Write Girl said...

I think I'm totally stumped on the musical theme but I enjoyed the photo and responses.

T Rex Mom said...

Strength and Choices.