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March 7, 2011

Mondays Free Write

Thank you Chef E for this wonderful photograph.

(Sorry that I haven't been posting lately. My juror time is done, and I'm ready to write again! Will you join me?)


morganna said...

Moon rising
Arms upstretched
Grasses wave in evening breezes

Wait for the
Moment of peace
Bow to the rising moon and night

Give thanks for
The day that was
And bless the coming of the dark.

The Write Girl said...

How wide the moon is
Sweeping across her long arms
Sleep in the earth's grass
And wake in sunrise love

Margaret said...

Welcome back! I love this photo, it reminds me of my daughter. I will have to give this some though and come back. Thank you.

Ms.Daisy said...

Twilight was her favorite time to let loose and dance - just enough light and shadow to pretend she was with Tom again. Whirling through the rye grass she smiled... and remembered.

Kim said...

There came a time she could look back on that time and separate from it. She could stretch her arms to God and say, thank you, I know what it means.