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March 30, 2011

Wednesdays Ten

Visit Jim Pankey to see more wonderful photography.


the wild magnolia said...

the swan
the prince

Susan Fobes said...

I couldn't resist this one:

The Ugly Duckling sighed, "I am truly beautiful after all."

Don said...

The Narcissistic Swan

Always gazing downward,
permanently crook-necked,
engrossed with its own reflection.

(A ten word poem with a bonus title!)

Kim said...

Lord help me to see beyond beauty;
Love despite it.

T Rex Mom said...

No more the ugly duckling, but still a little traumatized.

(I could not resist - the last time I met a swan in person it was not very nice - they are not that friendly toward people.)

Ms.Daisy said...

All alone, I sing my swan song
before I die.

With thanks to Pat from Pat and Jerry for the inspirational photos and info on swans who have lost their mates.

Pat said...

Thanks, Jean (Ms.Daisy)! I forgot to do a Wednesday's Ten last week, so I'm glad you found some inspiration from my post.