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April 4, 2011

Mondays Free Write: Princesses, Chivalry, Adventure and Romance (my 5 year old's favorite world - and maybe mine too)

As I was looking for a photograph for today's writing prompt, my daughter told me to find a castle. She asked me if Sleeping Beauty lived there :) Happy writing!


Kim said...

In her mind this home was the castle of her soul;
And she was a new kind of princess.
No longer fettered by the chains of misogyny, she could live free. That's the world I hope Jillian lives in.

the wild magnolia said...

the princess
eyes wide shut
saw her knight
remove the
poison apple
from her lips
she proclaimed
dreams do
come true

Jenn M. said...

She takes off on her white horse,
its muscles rippling as they pound through the powder-white forest.
Her crown askew, she narrows her eyes and hunches over the blonde mane.
She is far away from the castle that hovers just beyond her narrow shoulders.
But she knows, as they fly further and further from the clutches of her home,
that she is just steps from arriving at her own fantasy, her own fairy-tale, her own happy ending.

The Write Girl said...

Castle in the sky
Light soaring high
Wonder of the eyes
Happy princess flies