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April 14, 2011

Thursdays Haiku: A Terrific New Photographer Is Here!

Isn't this a stunning photograph? I'm thrilled to welcome the wonderfully talented Gail from Louisiana Belle to Write With Pictures! Gail creatively chooses interesting and beautiful subjects for her photography. Please take a moment to visit Gail over at Louisiana Belle to see more amazing photographs and enjoy her heartfelt posts :) I promise that you'll be smiling during your visit.

With this gorgeous inspiration, I know that you'll feel the "haiku" and want to share your creative writing with us. This photograph gives me that spring feeling that I know we all need.

Thank you and enjoy your day.
(I'll be writing a haiku for this one too. I can't resist :)


Karen Lange said...

That is lovely! Thank you for sharing it with us! :)

the wild magnolia said...

Petal flame
open door

Judy Croome said...

"Opening the Heart"

Five fingers of flame
Stretch the centre of the soul
Letting warm love in.

Judy (South Africa)

septembermom said...

Peaceful unfolding
dramatic burst of color
invites one to pause

Louisiana Belle said...

Yay! Thank you, Kelly for the warm welcome!! I'm terrible at haikus, but all these are great!!

Kim said...

Stretch your face sunward and you will forget everything else on your mind.

Candace said...

Morning dew catcher
petals craned like baby birds
waiting for their food