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August 15, 2011

Mondays Free Write: Welcoming a new photographer

How exciting when I find a wonderful, talented, and creative photographer like Mahira Khairia!  Over at Mahira Loves Photography, you will find a variety of interesting and often dramatic photographs demonstrating Mahira's keen eye for photography.  Welcome Mahira to Write With Pictures! I look forward to posting more of your photographs as inspiration prompts for our writers.  I'm excited to see today's Mondays Free Write based on the above photograph.  Thanks everyone :)


Anonymous said...

Ghee-smeared sweets
The love soaked Chapathis
And the worried for health,
oil-less food

All she made here,
In the kitchen, her kingdom of affection and her experiments
which often make me hungry for more

the wild magnolia said...

of course, you see her plain as day
this room....
neat as a pin, skin smooth
as this old wood floor,
scrubbed and scrubbed
heart a window open to the world
country wisdom colorful
all shapes and sizes
something cooking on the stove
always a story on her lips,
stacked like dinner plates in her mind
southern hospitality
ya’ll come on in
sit a spell
did I ever tell you......

martha jane’s kitchen

Kim said...

Scrubbed clean, the old floors shone. I cleaned off the desk, a curb-side treasure. Four days to write. I put on some coffee.

jayadhara said...

I walked into the kitchen and took a heartfelt sigh. Mum had loved her kitchen, it was simple, clean and had been the engine room for many family celebrations. Where should I start to dismantle her life in this love filled space? I wiped a glistening tear drop from my face and began...