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November 13, 2011

Changing Things Up Sunday: Here is a word, the catalyst for your creativity

I thought it would be fun to play around with the idea about the picture that comes to mind from a single word.  A word can spark an instant image (a picture) for the creative mind.  I know that you are all fabulously creative and generously share your wonderful writing here.  Today, I will not post an image for your inspiration.  A word should suffice.  I'm excited to see what reflections, poetry, tales, etc., will spring onto this blog when each of you reacts to the catalyst of the word....


I think I'll play along today too once I get home from the soccer fields today.  Thanks for sharing!


Heather T. said...

Unraveling sounds to me a pleasurable experience, sometimes. When life has kept my veins tight and my nerves strong; I am in need of a moment to unravel. Allowing myself to shut off the outside world, not within walls but within my mind; I find peace and solitude a comforting place of freedom.

A craftsman walks upon the essence of a grape vine, finding to release the clutching vine from it's branch. Taking home, unraveled, length long, loopy and tight vines and molding them into a beautiful wreath to share with the world.

Sometimes, we need unraveling in order to become more than we think we can be.

the wild magnolia said...


blowing in the wind
twist and shout
shaking off
the dust

of mind


they never


I ❤ that you are back........

septembermom said...

Can she pull it off?

She stares into clueless eyes.

The one who caught her fire

would not answer any petition.

Would she knock on a friendless door

and grasp for the unraveling?

A sigh opens up the courage.

Robyn Campbell said...

I missed it? Will there be another on the 20th? *sigh* I'm always late for the party.