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July 13, 2010

Tuesdays Tale

Great writing, both of you! This was a toughy. Congrats Septembermom!

Nothing can make a late night drive drag like a toddler's unending wailing. Betsy wished that she could crawl into a small space like the glove compartment. Her 2 year old didn't want to make this a pleasant drive back to their little apartment. Betsy watched as her husband's shoulders tensed with each screech from the backseat. It turned out to be such a long day visiting her in-laws. Nothing seemed to go well for them. First, she forgot the diaper bag. Her husband was barely through the front door when she had to send him to get diapers at the local grocery store. Betsy cringed when one of the cousins remarked, "That baby weight seems to like you." Another time when she wanted to crawl away and hide. Trying to entertain her little guy, Betsy couldn't really visit with anyone. She felt like the odd one out when she would walk in during a conversation. Not that she minded being excluded from that club. As she listened and listened to the wails from the backseat now, she couldn't help but smile at the memory of her little one running through the living room without his diaper. He knew how to bring some fun to those stressful family visits. Betsy looked out the car window and was happy to see that their exit was next.

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