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January 3, 2011

Mondays Free Write: Featured Post Winner

Congratulations Radhika on the winning contribution.

the plane descended slowly over the city and bright lights made it look like magic was afoot. streams of traffic snaked along and clusters of yellow and rows of white and twinkles of chaos. and the plane lowered and lowered and the city became grubbier and the lights became a singe row of runway markers. and the reflection on the wingtip outside my window of fuzzy yellow sparkles was all that was left of the intoxication of a city looked at from far away.

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bel said...

This photo makes me incredibly anxious! I hate to merge.

Susan Fobes said...

Quick, run, go-now!
When’s it ever gonna end?
Rush-on, hurry-up!
I need to make time my friend.

I hope you don't mind me doing these all in one day Kelly-it's been a hectic week and this really helped calm me down this evening. Thanks!

radhika92 said...

this picture really reminded me of something I've already written so I thought I'd post it here. :)


radhika92 said...

yay! :) thank you!