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January 5, 2011

Wednesdays Ten: Featured Post Winner

Congratulations izzy on the winning contribution.

"Launch stretches into sweep
flight flows for green eyes reach."

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Robyn Campbell said...

My imagination and heart go with him on his flight.

Okay, my first try. I'm just now beginning to think about writing poetry to soothe me. So I thought I'd try this ten words. So hard. I love the last winner's contribution. I just can't think of something that beautiful in ten short words. Now that I've COMPLETELY embarrassed myself, I think I'll leave. *hangs head*

izzy said...

"Launch stretches into sweep
flight flows for green eyes reach."

Susan Fobes said...
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Susan Fobes said...

Oops, let's try this again:

A leap of faith, colored by confidence, breeds success.

I just love these!

Susan Fobes said...

Sort of prophetic sounding isn't it? LOL!

Kerry said...

Technicolor hopes and dreams dig deep, lurch forward - take flight.

aynzan said...

Here I come! Freedom at last! Ready for take off.