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March 29, 2011

Standing Ovation for Kim, Pat and Morganna! Wonderful writers all in all :)

One more post for winning announcement catch up!! Thanks to all who bring their creative spirit to share here at Write With Pictures :)

Congrats to Kim on winning Mondays Free Write on March 21st.

The sky has no borders. It is free of hatred, of colour preference, of rich man, poor man. The sky is for all of us.

Congrats to Pat on winning Tuesdays Tunes on March 22nd.

Her song title: Love Like A Lightning Bolt

Congrats to Pat on winning Wednesdays Ten on March 23rd.

For the first photograph:

Stylin' in blue hat
with cell phone
she walks carefree

For the second photograph:

Lithe young fisherman
casts his net for the ocean's bounty

Congrats to morganna for winning Thursdays Haiku on March 24th.

Arching through the sky
A band of bright colors brings
Hope to the dark land.

Tuesdays Tunes for this week will go up a little later today. Enjoy your Tuesday.

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