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April 18, 2011

Mondays Free Write

Amy over at A Nest for All Seasons has a beautiful and often graceful way of approaching photography. Isn't this a lovely photograph? Please feel free to share your writing as this lovely flower inspires you. I look forward to reading everyone's contributions!


Candace said...

The ballerina of my garden
Resplendent in her blush pink tutu
Dancing to the tune of the breeze and buzzing bees
Spotlighted by the sun
Ah, rejoice! Nature’s show has begun.

Dawn M. Hamsher said...

I think today I'll make a new creation, one made of the palest pink. I'll start with a bud, then use this soft petal fabric and wind it and wind it, round and round, slowly, making each pass perfect. I'll add a beautiful green to its base to contrast with the pale pink. That will highlight its delicate beauty. And last, I'll add one of my newest fragrances that I designed just for this creation. I'll put it on display in a garden and allow man to care for it and name it.


Kim said...

Even the perfect petals reminded me that nothing in life is exact. For when I looked closer I saw the tiny flaws that made it breathtakingly beautiful.