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April 17, 2011

Hooray for Kim, Dawn, Judy & Candace!

Congrats Kim for winning Tuesdays Tunes for April 12th:

The Album: The end of the journey

The hits:
Finally home
Settle down with me
Solitary confinement

Congrats Dawn for winning Wednesdays Ten for April 13th:


Congrats Judy for winning Thursdays Haiku on April 14th:

"Opening the Heart"

Five fingers of flame
Stretch the centre of the soul
Letting warm love in.

Congrats Candace for winning Fridays Poetry on April 15th:

Winters chill sits in the colorless woods like a hunter waiting on its prey.
There, holding itself firmly on a branch, a single bluejay staring down the barrel of winter's final assault.
Victorious, he beckons to Spring to show her presence. The battle is over.

Thanks to everyone for contributing!


Judy Croome said...

OMGosh, I'm so excited - I felt like half dead when I wrote this, so thrilled that you liked it!! :):)
Judy, South Africa

Candace said...

Thank you very much for liking my submission. I stumbled upon your blog only yesterday. It drew me in, so I lingered awhile. I found it a very comfortable place of expression. Returning here today I see it is a very gratifying place also. I am happy to have found all of you.

Dawn M. Hamsher said...

Wow! I saw the name Dawn. Me? Me! So glad you like my 10 words. That doggie photo just oozed looking for love.

You have such a fun blog. I just want to live here!