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May 23, 2011

Mondays Free Write: I need a little Tuscany today

Transport yourself to Tuscany. What words can describe that feeling?


khushi said...

Tuscany conjures up beautiful landscapes, art, culture, history and wonderful wines....and a desire to be there!

Kim said...

Eating without consequences and drinking lovely wines. Sundresses and beautiful comfortable sandles. And more eating.

jean1113 said...

Strolling through picturescque village plazas, savoring a chocolate gelato. Later, sipping chianti and eating pasta in an intimate, romantic cafe. Watching late afternoon surrender to twilight, the sky turning velvet blue, stars appearing one by one. The music of the language. wonderful aromas drifting from cafes and bakeries.

the wild magnolia said...

Tuscany is the stuff of dreams. Pleasing hills and sky high evergreens standing guard of homes and rocky roads. Comfort food aromas, the scent of olive oil, round table family gatherings imprint the mind. The land in ancient, the people make it come to life. It is amazing, a photo can put you there.

Urvashi said...

A sip too languorous,
A glass of wine drawn out,
Last drops rolled to the rim,
And tipped back again,
The theater of knowing no one's watching you.
The script of so many Sundays
Played out
With summer ease.