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June 5, 2011

Celebrating WWP writers: Bravo to the wild magnolia!

Let's celebrate the WWP writing of the wild magnolia.

this world apart
camelot of sea
rocks my world
moves me to tears
salts my face
sets me free

...inspired by this photo:

the wild magnolia's writing again stirs the reader in the following piece:

Feet, don't fail me now, but they do. Oliver stood paralyzed by sight of the "207". The engine is long in the junk pile, the engineer long cold in the land of no breath. The vision fades, Oliver turns in his bed, and tries to remember his train ride.

...inspired by this photo

and once again the wild magnolia reveals so much in a few words

sun diamond
tree heart
deep reminder
earth mother's
veil of dawn

...inspired by this photo

Thanks to the wild magnolia and all our wonderful writers. Give yourself a treat and visit the wild magnolia's blogs and see her creativity in full bloom!! Say hello for me too!
Stay tuned to see who is featured next month :)

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the wild magnolia said...

Thank you, September friend, for a place to write.

the wild magnolia