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June 3, 2011

Fridays Poetry

photograph by Chris Johns


the wild magnolia said...

Even when
he goes fast
a leopard
cannot change

Judy Croome said...

I'm brain frazzled at the moment but when I saw this magnificent photo of a cheetah in full flight I had to admire it! They are so small compared to the other big cats like the leopard and the lion, but they are so graceful.

The sad thing is, unlike the leopard which has adapted to a diminishing environment by developing stealth and strength and intelligence and an ability to use opportunities for food, the cheetah (distinguished from the leopard by spots rather than rosettes and the tear track marks on its face) has to rely on short sharp bursts of speed. As the plains of Africa are being encroached on by an ever-increasing human population, this beautiful animal (along with lions who have been hunted to dangerously low levels by foreign trophy hunters) is very close to extinction.

I always wonder if the tear-tracks down a cheetah's face is because it knows that soon it will be extinct.

And inspiration has struck:

Run wild cat run run run
As fast as you can.
But still you can't outrun
Man's greed for more.
Man's need to dominate.

Cry wild cat cry cry cry
Soon you will not exist.
Tears mark your lovely face
Man does not care.
Man does not care.

Judy, South Africa